8th July 2019:

It's been a steady launch. Plenty of interaction going on, friends being made. Some mortal enemies too, in the form of brioche rolls studded with "chocolate" chips.... They were soft bready rolls of deception. But more on that later. 

So my lovelies it's pride month! As much as we love the idea and are 100 billion% behind the right to celebrate love in all forms. it also saddens and appalls us that, as a species we even need a specific month to celebrate and recognise what is essentially just part of who and what we are. In fact it flat out fucks us off. In this day and age...considering the amount of shit we have been through subjectively and collectively, whether it's through war, hunger, disease, natural disasters...the list goes on of things that has no qualms about killing us off, through all of this and humanity still finds the time to be hateful and intolerant. In some ways that kind of dedication would get a nod if it was for something beautiful. 

But alas, it isn't. It's hatred and it's just downright disgusting. 

So we have joined the colourful bandwagon but with an added message, in which we hope you will wear it proud. 

That message is FUCK YOUR HATRED.

Wear it loud and god damn proud! There's a lot of ugly on this planet. They can keep that shit. Be your beautiful selves no matter the month or occasion. Let the haters know that there is room for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US on this rock. Kindly remind them that tolerance swings both ways too. Not just us. 

We Love You.