Wednesday 1st May 2019:

Launch day mutha truckas! 

So, after an abysmal 2018 we have lubed up and slipped back onto the rails. Downside has launched with wave 1 of our wares....Jeez that felt weird saying out loud. 

We have started with the basics, but rest assured there is PLENTY in the pipeline. Hoodies, beanies, patches...even pants! I mean who doesn't like pants? Answers on a postcard.

The genesis of this endeavour was a small idea that has culminated into a start up brand. The love we have been shown is incredible. It's truly humbling. It's been a balancing act of working full time jobs with unforgiving shift patterns, not to mention making time for the important things. Family. This is the reason Downside is even here. With the love and support all of you have shown, you have kept us in the zone. You're part of that family. 

Just don't be that weird uncle with the crap jokes and godawful dance routine. 

Without further ado, we'd like to thank you all from the darkened pit of our souls. We also like feedback and recipe recommendations. 

See you on the Downside.