That's always a burning question isn't it? 

Well, go grab a drink and then come back and sit down. Or if you're viewing this on a mobile device just find a safe place to sit down or just stop and read it. What are you doing walking and not looking at where you're going anyway?! You're going to hurt yourself or someone else. Pay attention. Safety first. 

So we are small operation right now. Some would say a couple of guys who were up to no good. 

We are real actual people who feel and think, just like you. 

That's what inspired us to be honest. There seemed to be a saturation of clothing and apparel companies that followed each other's formula, almost to the point of blending in to one giant mess on social media. 

It's filtered so much that it's un-relatable. 

So our angle is simple, keep the ideas imaginative and the interaction real. What you see on our site is who we are. We are random yahoos, nerds, geeks, gamers, conspiracy theorists... You name it. 

We aim to bring you inspired clothing at decent prices. Absolutely no paperclips that you would need a mortgage for. 

Exclusive stuff too in the form of some wicked commissions and collaborations from local and some not so local talent.  More of that will be on the featured artists tab.

It goes without saying that for every talented artist in the limelight, there's 20 or more lurking in the shadows waiting to be startled whilst feeding....God knows I was. 

Keep an eye on that tab.... We're the ones with the flashlight!

If you have suggestions, questions or want a random selfie then feel free to contact us via us tab... Right next to the Science of Rockets tab. 

Welcome to the Downside.

© Yeah that's right.. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.