Your rights, our rights. Let's keep it friendly.

Rule number 1. You Do talk about Downside. 

Rule number 2. You continue to talk about Downside. Feverishly.

But seriously; This is the stuff you know you should read but don't want to. We get that, but it covers everyone's derrieres. 


We understand that everyone is different and their size requirements differ from brand to brand. You could be a large in one then a 7XL in another. Happens to us too. I have bought T-shirts in the past, where I could've sworn I'd bought it from one of Wonka's employees. 

We will accept returns if the product is:


If the item you bought is clearly faulty then we will issue a refund or a replacement. 

If you contact us through the site, Facebook or our Instagram page we will quickly solve the problem.

Faults are classed as; loose stitching, tears, misprints or being mislabeled. Any other glaring defect that was not caused by trying to put it on a Velociraptor, that would also most probably be classed as faulty too. Although if you have a Velociraptor, we would love to see that footage! There will be a free Tshirt in it for you.

Wrong Size: 

If you order a size that doesn't fit or was just a simple mistake. Then not a problem! As long as the item is returned to us in the condition it was dispatched within 30 days. A refund or a replacement will be issued as soon as it reaches our cave. We'll even cover the cost of postage.


We will do our utmost to ensure a timely delivery of your goods. However there are factors that are out of our control and therefore we cannot take responsibility for the following:

Shipping times for overseas orders.

Just think, your item has been on it's own adventure! It's probably traveled more than you have.

Customs charges.

Yeeesh! No one likes this bit. We will do our part on the declarations slip ;) But we can't guarantee that your customs depot won't charge you. Sometimes they even open it for you! How considerate right? Having said that, if there is an issue please inform us. Even if we can't do anything in the interim, we will still try our best to find a workaround for the future. 


We are firm believers in the idea of treat people how you like to be treated. So we aim to do just that! We will treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Where possible we will offer a biscuit and an anecdote of adventures past.

We won't tolerate any form of abuse on here, or on any of our social media outlets.

You know what we mean by abuse too. No Racial, Sexist, Homophobic, Anti-Semetic, Xenophobic, Xenomorphobic, or any type of Hatred really.  It's the 21st century guys, (Wow it's the future!) let's evolve yeah. This planet won't be around forever. Let's get that extra thumb. Go Team!

Also re-read that last bit in Owen Wilson's voice.

Honestly us lot here can take whatever, but anyone posting any of the above kind of content on our social media outlets.... Then you will be B B B B B B B BANNED! We don't want you representing anything to with Downside. 

Now we all know where we're at lets take a moment to relax, unclench and think about puppies. Disputes however unpleasant should always be settled with a slow motion pillow fight anyway.